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What's Your Long-Term Road Map?

Many emerging enterprises are so focused on the here and now that they haven’t even considered or discussed their long-term product road map. Think about it for a few seconds… Does your company’s long-term plan consist of a couple of new product ideas with a blank in the “launch year” column? If so, you might want to take another shot at mapping out a solid, detailed plan for your company’s future. We all know that short-term planning is important, but planning for the future is critical to sustaining your company for the long haul.

Consider PayPal CEO Scott Thompson’s recent blog post (via TAXI) predicting that our wallets will be long gone by 2015 in lieu of prolific digital currency. Regardless of whether you believe PayPal’s assertion or not, the thinking is surely on par with its long-term product road map. We would love to take a gander at PayPal’s 10-year plan and 20-year plan. We guarantee they have them, and we are willing to bet they’re pretty bold.



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