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Play More for Success in Business

We’ve all heard the adage “work hard, play hard.” Unfortunately, it’s difficult to take the time to play when there always seems to be a deadline to meet, a tweet to type, a status to be updated, and twenty emails to be answered. As difficult as it is to disconnect from work, it’s a definite necessity – not only for a balanced life, but a successful business too.

Here are some of our favorite ways to play, and a few of our thoughts on how they can benefit your business:

Golf – Turn off your phone and spend an afternoon at the golf course. Not only is golfing an excellent networking sport, it will help you develop patience, precision, and integrity (mulligan, anyone?) – all qualities that will benefit you in business.

Take some of your charitable contribution budget and buy a foursome at a local charity golf tournament. Call the tournament organizer and ask for an attendee list to see if there might be someone attending the event that you would like to meet. Many golf tournaments take pairing requests in advance of the tournament for a small fee, or even for free. Regardless of your handicap, you’ll have a fantastic chance to meet new contacts and network on the golf course, all for a good cause of course.

Just for fun, check out this this list of Famous Golfers And Their, Um, Handicaps from

Basketball – We have to admit, we’re partial to basketball here at Imagine Growth Strategy. NBA, NCAA, High School, and anything and everything basketball related we love! Basketball can benefit your business if you play your cards right. For example, you could organize an office basketball team and join an adult basketball league. Spending one night a week letting off some steam on the court can be a major benefit to your business. Basketball is all about team work, and in order to be successful, you and your teammates must be able to come up with a game plan and execute it. A night of basketball might be just what you needed to refresh your ability and desire to take your team at the office to the next level.

One piece of obvious advice before you kick off your season…just don’t get into any fights – like the Georgetown Men’s Basketball Team did during a recent off-season trip to China. Wow, what a mess!

Running – Set a goal and train for an upcoming race. Running might be tough to get into at first, but eventually it gets easier and the benefits of your hard work will be evident. Training for, and completing a race, whether it’s a 5k, a full marathon, or another type of race, you’ll develop your endurance, follow-through, and ability to overcome challenges. All of these qualities will serve you well in the conference room.

Here is a list of some fun races to check out:
The Dirty Dash – A ridiculously awesome mud run obstacle course…think military boot camp!  Races are held in several states, includingUtah,Montana,Idaho,New Mexico, andColorado.
The Big Sur Marathon – Run through some of the world’s most breathtaking coastline inCalifornia’s Big Sur Marathon. With all of the gorgeous scenery, you might just forget that you’re logging more than 26 miles!
Amasa Back Trail Race – If you’re interested in a more extreme sort of race, check out the Amasa Back Trail Race inMoab,Utah.  You’ll find yourself running either 6.5 or 14.5 miles onMoab’s majestic (and steep) slick rock terrain. It’s not for the faint of heart, but you’ll have some stories to tell when it’s through!

Rock Climbing – Release some endorphins climbing rocks. Start out in a local rock climbing gym and work your way to the mountain.  Rock climbing, and other extreme sports will not only give you an adrenaline rush, they will help you to overcome your fears and move forward with confidence.  In this economy, the ability to conduct business with confidence, even when the slope feels dangerous and steep, could make the difference between great success and falling short.

Skiing/Snowboarding – Escape the winter blues (and inversion if you live along the Wasatch Front in our home state of Utah) with a day on the slopes. Skiing is all about balance and calculated risk.  Going down the black diamond may be dangerous, but if you can keep your balance, the risk is worth it.  Same goes for business – sometimes you have to take some risks, and maintain balance throughout the process, to reap the best rewards.

At the end of the day, we say go play! Don’t be afraid to disconnect for a while, and see your business thrive.

Tell us, what is your favorite way to play, and how do you think it benefits you in business?


Calling All Small Businesses: Compete! Compete! Compete!

Most indications, albeit early, are that Small Business Saturday on November 24th, 2012 was a resounding success. Even President Obama got in on the act, shopping with his daughter at a local Washington D.C. bookstore.

I tried to do my part to support Small Business Saturday. I purchased a new snow blower from a local power equipment company here in Salt Lake City, United Service & Sales, which also happens to be one of our fantastic clients.


Others in my network seemed to be doing the same. A good friend tweeted me that day saying he shopped at Salt Lake Running Co., a local shop specializing in everything “running” related.

I later met up with friends for burgers and fries at Training Table Restaurant, a Utah Original, again in an effort to Shop Small.

But I did find it a little odd that more local small businesses weren’t competing for my business. Surprisingly, I can’t name one local small business that contacted me with a reason to shop with them on Small Business Saturday. Not one.

Check out the article from Carmine Gallo, a Forbes Contributor, entitled “Independent Business Owners Send The Wrong Signal On Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday”.

Gallo argues that for Small Business Saturday to legitimately take hold in communities across the United States, “small business owners must give us something in return—a unique experience. It’s difficult for small businesses to compete on price.” Great advice in a day and age full of big-box retailers and online retail giants all, ironically, competing on price.

What do you do in your local community to make your business stand out from the rest? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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