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2012’s Top Five Most Viewed Posts from StrategicallySavvy – the Blog

2012 brought a lot of opportunity for interesting stories here on StrategicallySavvy. So, what exactly caught the attention of our readers this year? We are excited to share our list of the top five most viewed posts from StrategicallySavvy

in 2012. We hope you enjoy them just as much the second time around!

 1. Smartphones Migrating to Our Faces in Order to Survive – Smartphone technology is getting more advanced by the day.  In a recent article from Business Insider, it is revealed that Microsoft recently filed patents that appear to compete with Google’s smartglasses called Google Glass.  Will this technology soon replace smartphones? Check out our article to find out…

2. Seeing a lot of BLUE Lately? – Why do the “big three” social media networks all use blue in their branding? Check out our article to get a peek into the psychology of color in branding.



3. Social Networking for Business – With billions of users logging on to social networks, now is the time for businesses to develop a clear online presence. Check out our article to see how sites like LinkedIn can help companies conduct research, find new customers, and expand their business contacts and prospects.


4. Ambush Marketing at its Finest – Timing is Everything – How did Nike become one of the most visible brands in the 2012 London Summer Olympics without being an official sponsor? Read this to find out how timing is a game changer for today’s brands.


5. What is Killing U.S. Jobs? – The recurring theme in the 2012 State of the Union address was unemployment in the United States. What do we think killed jobs in the U.S.? Read more to find out.



We’ve had a great time sharing our thoughts and ideas with you in 2012. Tell us – what would you like to see from StrategicallySavvy in 2013?

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