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iBert: The Future of Family Biking

After a long week in the office, nothing feels better than getting my family together for a leisurely bike ride along the beach. Not too long ago, a two-year-old may have cramped our boardwalk biking style…that was before the iBert toddler bike seat came along.

The iBert is a product of six years hard work from a husband-and-wife team out of Riverton, Utah. Frustrated with the less than ideal bike seat options on the market, the couple invented a twist on the usual rear bike rack seat.  The iBert mounts on the front of the bike.  Unlike other front mounted bike seats, iBert offers a smooth bottom and is set high enough to provide comfort for bikers with longer legs.  The front mount also offers a safe, stable ride and is a lot more fun for the passenger. My toddler loves the wind in her face, and she gets to see what I see, rather than being forced to ride staring at my back.

iBert has not only created an extremely functional product, its lime green color and sleek design is also quite attention-grabbing. Nearly every time I take the iBert out, I get stopped by curious passers-by wanting to know more about the product. And with celebrities like Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber being chased by paparazzi toting their kids around New York City in the iBert, the interest is far-reaching.

Now available in REI stores nationwide, it looks like this Utah basement business is booming.  Founded in 2005, sales have been growing swiftly, starting out with about 1,200 annual sales in 2005 and growing to roughly 24,000 annual sales just a few years later. The founders of iBert told in 2009 that it was a real leap of faith to make the decision to apply for a small business loan. Fast forward seven years and I’m sure there are no regrets for this highly successful, innovative small business.

Moral of the story – if you have a good idea and a smart plan but are feeling a bit apprehensive about making the plunge, maybe now is the time to really consider taking that leap of faith. No more wondering what might be; it’s time to see for yourself. Innovation coupled with a good plan and hard work could turn into something big.

(Visit iBert’s Facebook page here)

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