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Social Media 2.1 – Control Your Message… At Least Sometimes

Coming off some of the highest rated playoff games in years, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is on fire right now. It’s not just a coincidence that the fuel and fodder surrounding professional basketball is at the top of American consumers’ minds these days. The NBA is expert in the business of COMMUNICATIONS CONTROL: the process of “nudging” talk about its product in the marketplace, where and when it wants.

Welcome to the new social media, or something we like to call Social Media 2.1. Communications control, anyone? These are the days of constant conversations about your product and immediate feedback about your service. Your business has access to consumers’ opinions and narrative on your product – all of the good AND all of the bad – instantaneously.

How are you managing your Social Media 2.1? Are you a well oiled communications machine, like the NBA? Or could your social media wheels use a little grease?

Read along as Jason Feifer at Fast Company takes us through a day in the life of the NBA Communications Control center in his article Rules of Engagement, From the NBA Social Media War Room.” Jason discusses some of the key aspects to finding success using the new social media:

1. Make fans feel like insiders

2. Don’t join the conversation. Create the conversation.

3. Know what your readers want, when they want it.

4. Don’t overwhelm your followers.

5. Plan ahead, because not every day has a big game.


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