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Smartphones Migrating to Our Faces in Order to Survive?

Smartphone technology is getting more advanced by the day.  In THIS recent article from Business Insider, the author reveals Microsoft recently filed patents that appear to compete with Google’s smartglasses called Google Glass.  He also believes this technology will soon replace smartphones –

“Computers have been getting small and closer to our faces since their very beginning.  First they were in big rooms, then they sat on desktops, then they sat on our laps, and now they’re in our palms.  Next, they’ll be on our faces.  (Eventually they’ll be in our brains.)”

I’m not as convinced.  The idea of my moving pupil working as a cursor and replacing my hand sounds convenient, yes, but not as accurate as my brain would like.  We all learned in elementary school how our eyes, though seeming still and focused to us, are always darting around in search of new stimuli so the rods and cones won’t become too accustomed to their surroundings and become numb.  My finger on my smartphone might be a little shaky sometimes, but it’s not so fidgety I can’t use my iPhone properly.

All that said, maybe I’m biased because I wear glasses.  What do people like us do? The biggest question we face is:  Can these face-computers come as prescription glasses?

Google Glass


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  1. Jamie Kirkwood says:

    This whole concept freaks me out a little bit. It is fascinating to see how technology is evolving.

    1. What about the rumored iWatch by Apple?? Would you buy it and wear it?

  2. Apple iWatch is going to happen. Now Microsoft and Samsung are rumored to have started development on wrist watches. What’s next in line for Google Glass I wonder?

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