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Ring the Alarm: Putting out the Social Media Firestorm

These days, most organizations have a social media presence. Unfortunately, far too many emerging enterprises have been absent when it comes to having a clear strategic plan for managing social media. Companies today must have a social media plan, above and beyond a basic search engine optimization (SEO), to preserve and cultivate their brands and keep potential firestorms of negativity and brand bashing at bay.

Alex Dayon explored how KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and DELL are keeping up with “the speed of Twitter” in his recent blog post, “Sales, Service, Marketing? In the Social Era, They’re All the Same.According to Dayon, the days of sales, service and marketing departments working independently are numbered. In order to prevent social media firestorms, Dayon notes that companies must become social organizations where sales, service and marketing departments are “#onthesamepage.”

To ward off any social media firestorms that may come your way, IG Strategy offers the following tips:

  1. Don’t be reactive, be PROACTIVE. In many cases, customers become disgruntled when a company fails to offer an outlet for their complaints. Proactively communicate with your client base, taking care of your customers so they will take care of you.
  2. Time is of the essence. Don’t loaf around the office waiting for a customer inquiry to turn into a complaint. Return Tweets. Comment on posts. Rebut bloggers. And do it in a timely fashion.
  3. Stop being KING! If you employ someone, give him or her the power to make a few decisions. You may have to live with one or two decisions that you may not agree with, but the tradeoff of defending your brand from negative commentary and promoting positive customer experiences will lead to exponential gains for an emerging brand. Always remember that the long-term cost for retaining customers is significantly less than the cost of acquiring new customers to replace the ones you lost.
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