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IG Getting ‘Dirty’ at The Dirty Dash

Leaves turning golden. Sun shining. Birds chirping. Mud slinging…. What? We spent a recent Saturday afternoon competing in The Dirty Dash, a 5k mud-run full of obstacles, plenty of dirt, bails of hay, trenches, hills, rope climbs and slip-n-slides. If you haven’t ever run in the mud, trust me, you get dirty. Really dirty.

Finish line at The Dirty Dash

Anyway, during registration I overheard a couple guys talking amongst themselves next to us. One guy said, “man, all these guys (The Dirty Dash) did today was throw together some mud and a course and 5,000 people later, they’re flooded with money.” The other guy responded and said, “yeah, why didn’t we think of it? It’s so simple. We could do it in about 7 days.”

These guys are right… partly I guess. The beauty of an event like The Dirty Dash is its simplicity. It’s ingenious really. The guys at The Dirty Dash took the whole concept of running a 5k and added mud. People love it. People eat it up. Why? I would venture a guess that it’s mostly because everyone gets it. You either want to run in the mud, or you don’t. It’s a very simple, straightforward concept.

But also, the race is more than just throwing together some mud on a 5k course. It’s an elaborate, well thought out experience meant to bring you back for more and more in the future.

It’s also about taking the “same-old” and making it better. How many 5k’s are there in your community? If its anything like mine, I could run every Saturday if I wanted to. The Dirty Dash guys spotted an opportunity in a sea of 5k’s that filled a need, which was that a lot of folks are sick and tired of the standard run-of-the-mill 5k and they want a change.

Mud Lake

Kudos to the guys at The Dirty Dash for their creativity. And for putting on a fantastically fun event.

How can you affect change in your industry? Where is the opportunity? Take a page out of The Dirty Dash book and improve your position. And don’t forget, usually the simpler the product idea, the easier it is to sell. Give your customers a product that simplifies their lives, one they understand where to get and how to use.  Sales will follow.

As for me, my only response to those two guys spouting off earlier is “Yeah, why didn’t you think of that?”


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