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Where is the Funding Coming From?

New ideas, new start-ups and new angel funds are making their way to market faster than ever. Here at IG Strategy, we’re seeing entrepreneurs come off the sidelines at a blistering pace, many with marvelously innovative ideas. But where is the funding coming from? Hmm….

Check out this interview with market and investor guru Alan Patricof for some insight:

Some key highlights from Mr. Patricof…

1. Silicon Valley used to be it. Not anymore. Now there are incubators everywhere with New York City leading the way…

2. E-Commerce is the big play right now… companies must be able to monetize their products online…

3. Companies are trending away from going public… the market dynamics are changing. Companies need $250-$300 Million in market cap and $50 million in a public offering raise to make going public work… there just isn’t more than 10 or 15 companies out there right now that can make it work….


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