Fueling companies through marketing, revenue growth and global opportunities

We’ve used our experience to develop an approach to growing revenue for our clients, an approach that we call the “IGS GrowthBuilder Process”.

Deep Dive & Due Diligence
We meet with all principals in your business followed with extensive due diligence to determine a multitude of key inputs, including the 4-P’s of marketing, target profiling, past marketing strategies, brand identity, profitability and revenue goals. We sometimes even shadow your internal operations, sales or marketing & communications department for a period of time to gain key insight on your business and market. If our client is primarily looking for funding, the inputs change but the due diligence process is the same.

Strategic Plan
We create a comprehensive strategic plan that includes projected goals and metrics that you will understand.

Execute, Execute, Execute
We don’t just give you a plan and say “good luck”. As part of our process, we remain a trusted advisor that delivers excellent service to all areas of your team.

Measurement & Interpretation
We not only track, measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), but we help you interpret the data and ultimately track what’s working and what isn’t working, then we revise the plan accordingly.

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