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Can You Sell 'Vapor' in Today's Investor Market?

How easy is it to raise money for your start-up or emerging business today? Whether you’re in the early start-up stages, looking for seed money, or in the growth stages, waiting to close Series A from a VC, your business needs a viable product and a proven track record to bring in the cash.

The difference in the money available through venture capitalists today versus what was available in the year 2000 is significant. According VentureSource, via the Wall Street Journal article, “The New Rules of Raising Cash,” VC funds pumped more than $94 billion into U.S. companies in the year 2000. Last year (2010), venture capitalists put just over $26 billion into start-ups.

Are you planning to get your piece of the $26 billion pie this year? If so, now is the time to take your new product or idea to the next level. Develop a working product, find traction in the marketplace, create a sustainable business and the investors will come running.



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